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Web Design & User Experience

The businesses that will continue to survive and thrive in the future need to have creative design features to attract and retain customers. From the moment your users land on your online real estate, regardless of device, your visitors need to quickly understand what you do and what your value proposition is. Powerful, creative and interactive design features using the latest technologies enhance your users’ experience and increase user loyalty. Having a unique, branded design sets you apart from your competitors that allows you to promote to your target market more effectively.

Responsive Web Design

Equip Your Site to Meet the Growing Demand of Mobile DevicesThe increase in mobile web access demands that every business has a website that enables visitors to view and interact with it—regardless of what device they may be using. We prepare your website to meet the demands of the future with the responsive, future forward design. Intriq’s design experts are ready to create responsive webpages for you that are both attractive and fully functional. This solution is better than developing or using apps because it detects the type of device being used and makes adjustments automatically. It also enables touch features on those devices with that capability.

Web Development

Eye-catching and unique websites enable you to stand out from your competitors and help you maintain existing visitors while attracting new vistors. Adding interactivity and ensuring that all back-end functions are working is vital to enhance your customers shopping experience even more. Intriq’s expert Frontend Development Team can provide you with an aesthetically appealing website that is sure to attract and keep visitors on your site.

Website Branding

Building a powerful brand that stands out in the minds of your customers is essential to success in today’s marketplace. From the design and selection of an icon, to the consistency of your brand throughout your website and marketing materials, Intriq Technologies has the branding experience that you need to ensure your company’s message is clearly conveyed to your audience. Detailed research enables us to identify and build a stronger brand capable of reaching a vast marketplace.

Content Strategy

Developing powerful content that attracts and converts your visitors is essential to your business. By configuring a solid and practical content strategy beforehand, it ensures that all of your content will be discoverable by the search engines, readable and interesting, convertible to other forms, and capable of moving the reader to action.

At Intriq, our content strategists set out to ensure that all of your content gets the most mileage possible per page. We determine your priorities and understand your objectives. Each content piece, as well as all of the elements on the page, will be selected because of its significance and ability to attract and entice the reader to act – taking them on a ride moving toward the desired goal.


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About Us

Intriq Technologies is a Division of Eloise Creatives that deals with Web Design and Software Development. Armed with a world class work force, Each member of our team is extremely passionate about new ideas and technological innovation. Our strategic approaches and streamlined process enable us to get the job done efficiently and our global presence creates great value in order to maintain a long term relationship with our clients.


To enhancing the business growth of our customers with Creative Design and Development to deliver market-defining high-quality solutions that create value and consistent competitive advantage for our clients as well as to deliver business focused web design solutions across the globe, offering services like creative web design, web development, E-commerce development, Search Engine optimization and startup frameworks for our esteemed clientele.


We aspire to be the world’s best Web Design and Development Partner, through technology leadership, innovation, creativity and a world class work force; To become a prime performer, in providing quality Web solutions in the competitive global market place as well as expand our position to be the leading internet solutions company while providing our clients customized and effective web solutions to achieve clients’ business goals.





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